Fantasi over brudedans fra Sønderho / Fantasia on bridal dance from Sønderho

Link to YouTube

Commissioned by Dr. James D. Hicks, USA

Premiere performance: Vestervig Kirke, August 10th, 2019.

Duration: 4’30”

On the small Danish island of Fanø folk music and dance culture has existed continuously for more than 300 years. The folk music tradition here is one of the strongest in Denmark, and is especially connected to the small town Sønderho located south on the island, a city with only about 300 inhabitants.
The tune, on which my fantasia is build, is to a dance connected with weddings on the island. The tune has a very distinctive character, in its quite peculiar combination of the mixolydian and the dorian mode, putting the tune in somewhere between a major and a minor feeling.