Commissioned by cathedral organist Henrik Skærbæk Jespersen, Haderslev Cathedral.
Composed for the Siseby Organ in Haderslev Cathedral on the occation of the 200 years anniversary of this remarkable instrument.

1. Præludium (press for audio)
2. Sarabande
3. Gavotte
4. Air-Choral
5. Bourrée
6. Menuet
7. Gigue

Premiere performance, organ version: Supposed to be at the Siseby organ located at Haderslev Cathedral, May 15th, 2020.
But due to Covid-19 the premiere performance took place at Sct. Mortens Kirke, Randers June 30th, 2020
(First performance at the Siseby Organ, September 30th, 2020)

Premiere performance, chamber orchestra version: not determined yet

Duration: 19′